TL Johnson Legend Reserve 63 Maduro – review

Wrapper: Maduro (brazilian?)
Binder: Honduran
Filler: Peru Ligero and Nicaraguan Habano Seco
Sizes: Churchill, Toro, Gordo, Robusto, Corona, Torpedo
size for review: Corona

Here's a drop dead gorgeous stick

Here’s a drop dead gorgeous stick

The first time I saw a photo of a cigar from TL Johnson Cigars, I knew I had to have one. The tough part is that they are not sold anywhere near me (yet) and online sales are elusive. TLJ sells mostly, so far as I can tell, through tobacconists throughout Colorado were TLJ is based. The cigars are, without a doubt, beautiful. I knew the name TL Johnson from the fly fishing community where his equipment is impeccable. It was with little doubt that I knew these cigars had to be awesome as well.

The Legend Reserve 63 comes in six sizes and offered with two different wrappers, Habano and maduro. It has a great box press which gives the cigar some good lines. The wrapper leaf is flawless without veins and seams are nearly impossible to see. There is a great satin-line sheen to the cigar, and just a bit of toothiness. The high-gloss wrapper is eye catching and features TL Johnson’s name. The tobaccos are aged for 5 years, and then the cigars are rested for 8 months after rolling.

Being hard to find, I met up with the NW rep last week and was given two Legend Reserve 63 Maduros. I lit up the first one right away in the lounge at Cascade Cigars and I knew, yes, this cigar was everything I had hoped it would be. The cigar is nicely smokey, medium in body, and rich in flavor. The smokiness of the cigar helps the flavors linger in your mouth and coat the pallet in chocolate, cream, and a hint of nuttiness. There is also a nice cedar flavor that comes and goes throughout the first third.

Coming along perfectly

Coming along perfectly

As the cigar moves into the second third, the cedar flavor is pretty much gone. The smoke intensifies even more, and the cigar goes into full dark chocolate mode. Letting the smoke roll out there is a good note of earthiness that I can’t really place.

The last third brings the Legend Reserve 63 into a fuller bodied cigar. The flavors are heavier and hang on longer. Along with this is a cashew-like nuttiness that accentuates both the initial chocolate flavor and the lingering earthiness.

In the end, this is a phenomenal cigar. Having smoked a couple of these, there has yet to be a single problem with the burn. It’s always been straight and the ash has held well. If you can’t tell by this review, this is a cigar that I am in love with. I’m eager to give the Habano wrapped version a try someday as well. This is definitely a box worthy cigar, with 20 count boxes running around $150 if you can find them–something I’m hoping to do sooner rather than later.

A box full of yum.

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