Spring has Sprung

And it’s almost Summerlike here in Portland. I brought the convertible out of hibernation, knocked down the grass in the back yard, and torched up the firepit!

Nomad S-307 and Four Roses Single Barrel OBSV (DN 87-3C)

Nomad S-307 and Four Roses Single Barrel OBSV (DN 87-3C)

I found a few different bottles of Four Roses bourbon at a couple local liquor stores. All are single barrel and one is cask strength even. Yum! I opened this bottle because I knew it was going to be a great evening by the fire, and I have one other to keep in hiding.

If you haven’t yet, I’m going to suggest heading over to Stogies on the Rocks and check out the series on How to Pair Cigars. I’ve referred a couple people I know to the series already this week. Eric is a great guy that knows his cigars and his whisky. The series (still in progress) is well thought out and answers the question “how do you pair a cigar and whisky?”

FWIW, I just shoot from the hip, and I’ll say I’ve done fairly well…

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Isaac Miller is a stay at home dad, kayak fisherman and a cigar fiend.