Punch Bareknuckle

I had a few folks ask me, so what was cigar #99? Well, It was the Punch Bareknuckle Elites (5.2″x45 corona). It was a great stick, and talk about affordable: Boxes of 20 Elites are $50. I need a way to figure out how to expand my cigar budget because this are great sticks and certainly belong in the collection. Larger sizes are available too, but I think the Elite is probably the perfect sized cigar.

The Punch Bareknuckle Elites.

The Punch Bareknuckle Elites.

Tasting notes:
Punch Bareknuckle – good build. No real aroma to it, maybe a hint of cedar. Big bang full flavor right off the bat. Coffee, earth, pepper. Good amount of smoke. Hints of cocoa here and there. No real flavor changes through the cigar, but just plays that same trio of flavors in varying strengths-like most Punch cigars. Medium-full body and flavor.

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Isaac Miller is a stay at home dad, kayak fisherman and a cigar fiend.