Review: Ventura Cigar Project805 Andullo

Ventura Cigars Project805 Andullo
Wrapper: Corojo Shade
Binder: Dominican Olor
Filler: Tobaco Andullo, Dominican Criollo ’98, Dominican Seco Olor, Piloto Cubano
Sizes: Robusto, Toro, Figurado, Churchill
Retail: $7
Size for review: Robusto

detention cigar bar

Hindsight tells me a good single barrel would have paired well

If you have visited the blog at all this month, you’d know I was captured early on by a new cigar. Ventura Cigar Company had mentioned finding a new tobacco, which turned out to be a unique curing process used for a odd pipe tobacco called Andullo. After Andullo was cured, it turns out it also has the same properties that make a good cigar tobacco. Ventura Cigar sent me a pair of Project 805 Andullo which I smoked for this review.
cigar bands

The cap and bands of the the Project805 Andullo

The cigar is a beautiful reddened brown color. It is firm and well built, though very rustic in appearance. The wrapper seems thick and caries a couple obvious veins. There are two bands, the first declaring this a Project805 and the second, smaller band, with the Andullo name. The barrel of the cigar smells of tobacco while the foot of the cigar brings on a number of scents including peppery-spice, cinnamon and prunes. The fruity prune smell is coming from the Andullo tobacco rolled into the filler of the cigar.

The backside of the band with the Ventura Cigars big-red-V

Firing up the Project805 Andullo brings on a good amount of pepper right at the beginning, along with a variety of spices including nutmeg, cumin and cinnamon. These flavors calm to a thick, aromatic dark earth, which I found to be slightly peaty. The cigar definitely has an earth flavor to it that is unique, and underlying. I think it is probably the Andullo coming out in the cigar. This dark earth flavor is surrounded by spices that seem to evolve constantly. The smoke from the Project805 is thick and creamy and helps contrast a bit of pepper spice that comes and goes, varying with each puff. There is also a hint of cedar on the draw that is much more prevalent on the retrohale.
The rustic veins actually help make this a good looking cigar.

The rustic veins actually help make this a good looking cigar.

The burn is clean and fairly straight. Between two cigars, no relights or touch-ups were necessary. On occasion the burn would try to follow one of the thick veins, but the cigar always seemed to correct itself. The grey-ish ash held strong each time until the small robusto burned down to the halfway point.

Ash holds strong. The line is from a thick vein in the wrapper.

The last half of the cigar brought along some bitterness. Sometimes, it was too much for me. Purging helped, but seemed like a constant thing. The spices continue and there is a leathery texture to the whole thing. The first time I smoked the cigar, I gave up at this point. The second time I continued and found a cigar that was very different. The bitterness was there, but more subdued. The leathery texture was still there, but in nice contrast, again, to the creaminess of the smoke. The spices flowed and there was a salty-sweet fruit that finally played out at the end of the cigar.
half cigar

Ash makes it to here, and then a decision has to be made.

This is a good cigar, and something very unique, without question. While Ventura Cigar suggests that this is a mild cigar, I would say that it is on the fuller side of medium-full flavored, with a medium body and medium strength. It is hard not to get the variety of flavors whirling around with the strength of flavor. This is also a very slow burning cigar, which is kind of nice. The robusto sized cigars lasted me well over an hour and I think the second Project805 finished around the 90 minute mark.
The Project805 sampler from Ventura Cigar Co.

The Project805 sampler from Ventura Cigar Co.

I am left wondering with this cigar, though. It’s good. But I’m not convinced. I will buy it again, but only when I know I can stash them in my humidor and not look at them for a long time. I think the Project805 is still a very young cigar that can use some aging to get things to mellow out and play together nicely. Until they have some age, I am not eager to rush out and smoke more right away.

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