Number 300 and a Trip to Seattle

I just got home from a mini-vacation in Seattle. My wife and I had a great time walking around, doing a little shopping, and otherwise spending some much needed time together. Lucky for me, she let a few cigar shops become part of the shopping. Seattle is riddled with tobacconists but it didn’t take long to learn that only a fraction of these shops are quality places worth revisiting. For example, the first had prices that were about half-again more expensive than average. It also feature some very warped shelving and some molding cigars. I didn’t even bother going through the walk-in at the store. Just looking through the window was enough for me. I pointed out a La Gloria Cubana en Crystal to my wife, and had her take notes on the $11 price tag. Outside, I pulled out my Herf-a-dor and pulled out the same cigar I just happened to be packing around and the $7 price tag it included.

MFC Don Pepin Garcia Lancero

MFC Don Pepin Garcia Original Lancero down on the Seattle waterfront. Yes, we did ride the Big Wheel in the background earlier in the day

Later that day we found Market Tobacco Patch within the Pike Place Market complex. We found it right at closing so I did just a quick walk-through. I didn’t pick anything up, but I made sure to return the next day. In fact, it was our second stop the next day. First thing in the morning I picked up handful of cigars: Litto Gomez Small Batch 3 and 4 and a Room 101 Daruma Papi Chulo. The Small Batch #4 was already on my wish list. I would have had the #3 on my wish list too, but seeing as only 30,000 were released back in 2010, I didn’t anticipate ever finding one. Ever. Market Cigars is a good shop, but it has a small footprint, and is, well, cramped. Again I ran into a lot of damaged and moldy cigars. I had to take my time to make sure none of the cigars I selected were split or mishandled. It was quite unfortunate, but the crazy awesome selection makes this place worth returning.

Walking out of downtown I came across Tobacco Leaf, a brand new shop up on Capitol Hill in Seattle. While we had passed up a few other shops on Broadway, I had to check out Tobacco Leaf as soon as I saw it. Granted, it’s only been open about a month, but it was an immaculate store. They have a walk-in that I’d estimate to be around 400sf. The fresh Spanish cedar smelled so nice, that my wife and I both stated that we could sit in there all day. Tobacco Leaf also had a great selection of cigars. I picked up a couple favorites and scratched off a couple more cigars from my wish list: Tatuaje 10th Anniversary Noella, Tatuaje Capa Especial, Miami Anoranzas, and La Palina Kill Bill II. To top off the good selection, they also had great prices that rivaled Seattle’s norms.

Litto Gomez Small Batch #3

Litto Gomez Small Batch No. 3. Easily one of the best cigars I’ve ever had, and the few years at the Market Tobacco Patch’s humidors made it even better

During the trip, my wife also let me return to Smokey Joe’s in Fife. While she did not choose to accompany me, I was eager, and more than happy to indulge, to fire up my 300th different cigar. I just HAD to go with the Litto Gomez Small Batch #3. I’m a sucker for Sumatran wrappers, and I’m quite certain I had never had a cigar with a Dominican-grown Sumatran wrapper. It did not disappoint. The oily wrapper felt like velvet, and reminded me of tanned leather with it’s reddish sheen. With a double V cut, it had a perfect draw. The cigar didn’t bring on a big peppery punch like I had expected. Instead it was smooth and creamy. It was quite sweet on the lips and featured flavors of earth and leather, with chocolate and coffee notes here and there. It burned cool and smooth the whole way, and kept on going for nearly two hours. I’d go out on a limb and say it’s quite possibly the best cigar I have ever had, definitely top 3 anyways. I can only hope to find more someday. It was nothing short of amazing.

On our way home, I was able to stop at Brown & Sons in Lacey. I’ve followed them for some time on Facebook, but never had a moment to visit. With my wife and daughter waiting in the car, I had to make the stop at the store brief. Fortunately I knew what I was looking for: Kafie 1901 Don Fernando. This cigar has been recommended to me a few times, and Brown & Sons is the only place in the PacNW that carries it. Much to my surprise I was also able to knock off another wishlist item, the Nomad S-307. I picked up a couple of each and headed home.

MFC Limited Edition 2012

MFC Limited Edition 2012… I thought it was my 300th different cigar, but turns out it was #299

It was a great trip, and I’m eager to give it a try again some time. This was really the first time we’ve been able to go out since our daughter was born. I have a feeling trips like this will be a more regular occurrence in the future.

If you follow me on Instagram, than you might recall a photo of a My Father Cigar Limited Edition 2012 that I posted as my 300th cigar. Well, I was wrong. I had posted up a photo of an Ashton VSG that I had called #299, having overlooked the VSG already in the “Had It” list. That means the MFC LE2012 was actually #299. Technicalities!

For fun I tossed this little collage together. It makes up most of the cigars I’ve had that put together the three hundred different blends I’ve smoked. 450ish photos in all.

click to make it bigger and check it all out!

click to make it bigger and check it all out!

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Isaac Miller is a stay at home dad, kayak fisherman and a cigar fiend.