Lancero Load-up part II

 Tatuaje Limited Lancero Collection

The Tatuaje Limited Lancero Collection

Oooohhh… Aren’t they gorgeous? As part of the order last month with I pre-ordered two boxes of these Tatuaje Limited Lancero Collection. The first box arrived in the mail last week, and it sounds like I should be getting the second box soon.

So, what’s in the box? They’re all 7 1/2 x 38 lanceros with some that are exclusive to this set. From left to right we have:
Selection de Cazador (Brown Label)
Havana VI (Red Label)
Private Reserve (Black Label)
Cabaiguan Guapos
La Riqueza
El Triunfador Original
El Triunfador No. 6
La Casita Criolla

The Brown, Black, and both El Triunfador’s are not new to the market. They rest, however, were rolled specifically for this Lancero Collection. I haven’t heard how limited this collection is, but I know it’s tight enough that my boxes were shipped separately to make sure they could fulfill all orders…

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