Good Weekend

Something that I love more than cigars is fishing from my kayak. Back in June I took a bad spill and broke my tailbone. This left me pretty hard up as I couldn’t sit and paddle. Heck, there were times I’m sure I couldn’t have even cast a rod. Anyways, I managed to get out and fish this weekend. I only made it about three-and-a-half hours before my tailbone started acting up, but I did get into a couple fish and, of course, I found time for a cigar.

I haven't had an Asylum 13 in many months.

I haven’t had an Asylum 13 in many months.

My first Asylum 13 was back when I first started smoking cigars. I found it way too full flavored for me at that time. Nowadays it’s a good Medium-Full flavored cigar with notes of coffee and earth. It was great while I was out on the kayak. The ash held firm too.

Later in the day it was time to bust out an excellent cigar. The Tatuaje Black Label lancero gets rave reviews from everyone that I know that has had one. I’m not sure I like it more than the Tatuaje Petite Cazadores Reserva, but it is still an excellent cigar.

Gotta love 6x38 Lancero sized cigars. They are wonderful

Gotta love 6×38 Lancero sized cigars. They are wonderful

There are a lot of flavors to find in the Tatuaje Black Label. I found a salt-and-pepper savoriness to the cigar that keep me coming back for more. Other flavors such as coffee, roasted nuts and leather rolled in and out, making a cigar that was unpredictably good with each puff.

In between bouts of rain, I found a moment to start some more fires with a cigar I had been looking forward to trying. The Herrera Esteli lonsdale is from Drew Estates and made by Willy Herrera. It is rolled in true Cuban entubar traditions and is a wonderful cigar.

I've got a thing for long and lean cigars, like this 6x44 lonsdale

I’ve got a thing for long and lean cigars, like this 6×44 lonsdale

The Herrera Esteli is a great medium flavor and body cigar that I could smoke at any time. Again there are a variety of flavors rolling around throughout the cigar. Vanilla, nuts, wood and even fruity citrus notes make this a very unique cigar. I need to find myself a few more of these to write a proper review. I was pretty distracted making dinner, making fire and spending time with friends to take good notes.

At some point I even managed to enjoy this tiny little cigar. The 3.75×48 perfecto Oliva Serie G Maduro Super G is a quaint little cigar that packs a lot of flavor. It is a great cigar when you have a short time to smoke. I think this only lasted me about 30 minutes at most.

Less than 4" long so the Super G is a quick smoke when you don't have much time.

Less than 4″ long so the Super G is a quick smoke when you don’t have much time.

The mostly-Nicaraguan cigar had all the flavors I was expecting: cocoa and coffee with a hint of spice. The burn on the Serie G Maduro was perfect the whole way through. The flavors really seemed to burst around halfway and I went from a good cigar to a great cigar. I can say, without hesitation, I prefer the Oliva Serie G to the Serie V.

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Isaac Miller is a stay at home dad, kayak fisherman and a cigar fiend.