Found some good stuff!

The guys over at Cigar Dojo are conducting a virtual Viaje herf this weekend. I headed out to one of the Paul’s Cigar locations hoping to get my hands on a Viaje or two for the event. Sadly, no Viajes were found. I shopped the (s)Nob Hill store, but their small walk-in humidor doesn’t have the selection of cigars like the original downtown location, or even Hayden Island store for that matter.

the 5x44 Origen Original has a rustic look but great flavors

the 5×44 Origen Original has a rustic look but great flavors

I did find myself a 5 pack of J. Fuego Origen Originals. These are sweet! They’re not molded, so they look rustic. They’re ready-to-smoke Coronas without a finished cap. And, wow, they are tasty. I’ll have a full review later this week and I’ll be picking up more of these for sure.
Big sizes and dark colors don't mean the cigar is going to be strong.

Big sizes and dark colors don’t mean the cigar is going to be strong.

I finally fired up the big Cain 660 Maduro. At 6 inches long and nearly an inch wide (60 ring gauge), this is one of the largest cigars I’ve smoked in awhile. Despite being “straight ligero” leaf, the cigar is mild with flavors of cocoa and coffee. It offers up some white pepper from time to time, but that pepper was mostly dominate in the retrohale. The build was near perfect and I didn’t have a problem with the burn at all. It’s a good smoke, for a mild stick, but really disappointing for me. I was hoping for more flavor and body. The Cain was a cigar that couldn’t deliver.

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