Don’t ya just hate it…


RomaCraft Intemperance EC “Virtue.”
The Stash is the first place in Oregon to carry RoMa Craft cigars, on my recommendation

…when life gets in the way of enjoying a fine cigar? It’s been a crazy year for me so far. My truck has broken down more than once. Inventory season at work was, well, incredibly long. The honey-do list keeps getting bigger. The wifi adapter on my computer crapped out. Things just keep coming up, making it more difficult to sit back and relax for a few. Fortunately, the good thing about cigars is that they’re even better when you have to wait for them. Besides, they need the rest too.

Most of my cigar smoking has been on my drive back and forth to work. I tend to be a rather aggressive driver, so I like to think that the cigar helps calm me down, and makes me just get in line with rush-hour traffic like everyone else. I make sure I have ample time to both smoke the cigar and make it to work on time. It also means that, while I can enjoy the cigar, I won’t be taking notes about it. I won’t be jotting things down when I get to work either. I just have to file it all away in my head.

Nica Rustica

I enjoyed this smokey Drew Estate Nica Rustica on my way to work on World No Tobacco Day.

I’ve really cut back on the reviews, and there are a few reasons for that. Firstly, it takes time to actually sit down and write a review. The process adds more time to smoking the cigar. The physical writing of the review also takes time, and that time would otherwise be spent with my daughter. I was also finding that, since I was smoking with a review in mind, the process was distracting from the review. Sitting down with a cigar to review wasn’t any fun. I like cigars. I like good cigars. But I don’t like doting on the cigar while I’m smoking it. In the future I’ll likely just continue with the short snaps like I’ve done with the Gurkha and PDRs. I have also felt that, now that I’m working for a B&M store, that there would come some question to my credibility. While I know I can remain neutral going into a review, I know others still might question.
AB Tempus

This is how cigars should be treated. Outside, comfortable, relaxing. Alec Bradley Tempus Magistri

If you really want to know what I’ve been smoking, then by all means check out my Instagram. I usually get off at least one photo a day of the cigars that I’m smoking. You can even ask, via the Intragram apps, what I think there as well.

Baby’s up, time for me to quit typing. The best cigar is the one you’re smoking.

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Isaac Miller is a stay at home dad, kayak fisherman and a cigar fiend.