Cigar Shopping and What’s a Humidor Anyways?

I’ve got this thing for Brick and Mortar (B&M) stores. Cigar shops that you can walk into, browse the shelves, talk shop, etc. These stores are the backbone of the cigar industry. They’re places of discovery. Places of comradery. Places for people like you and me to make a living, pursue happiness, and provide for families. I work for a small B&M. But, the internet has spelled doom for many B&M stores. I have to admit, when I first discovered cigars, I jumped right into the interwebs and purchased, haphazardly, cigars from many of the big names in the online cigar industry. Fortunately I was able to get out of that habit, and focused on locally purchased cigars. Until this week. This week I made my first internet purchase in quite some time. But, I feel good about it. Why? While I purchased online, it was the online store for a B&M called Cigar Hustler. I liked them because they were a B&M store. I liked them because I was able to hook up with them on social media and chat, much like I do at my store. I like them because I didn’t receive multiple phone calls asking me to join their “membership club.”

Lancero Sampler

Lancero Sampler and then some…

While this was my first order from Cigar Hustler, this wasn’t my first visit to their site. It wasn’t even the first time I had interacted with them. In the end, I picked up two of their Lancero Samplers and two Room 101 Mutantes (shown above) and preordered two Tatuaje Lancero Sample Boxes. I made the order tuesday, and got it, already, today. These guys are good. It was packaged excellently, and they processed my order incredibly fast. Even huge companies can’t even pull things off so quickly. I am still going to rely heavily on my local stores (as well as my own), but if I can’t find it in town, I’ll look to Cigar Hustler first.

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A humidor is any kind of box or room with constant humidity that is used to store cigars, cigarettes, or pipe tobacco.

Knowing that I had a bunch of cigars on the way, and knowing that I had too many loose cigars tumbling around my humidor, I knew it was time to upgrade. I managed to find one yesterday, just in time. And, crazy enough, it’s already seasoned and ready for my cigars. It’s big and will hold over 200 cigars with ease. Probably upwards of 500 cigars.

55 Quart Humidor

55 Quart Humidor – over 3 times bigger than my last humi.

Yes, it’s a big plastic storage bin. My wife doesn’t even come into my office. I don’t need a fancy wood and glass display. Each cigar box inside has it’s own Boveda humidity pack, and I use more Boveda packs in the storage bin outside of the cigar boxes too. Plastic is non-porous so I am not at risk of loosing any humidity except when I open the lid, and then it recovers quickly. There is plenty of other cedar in the bin, as well, to help maintain humidity and provide bug repellent. This method has worked flawlessly for some time, and I highly recommend it. Use whatever humidification device you want. For $15, I guarantee you can’t go wrong. No, it doesn’t look pretty, but it doesn’t need to be pretty. Because it’s clear, I don’t need to open it up to see the humidity/temp gauge inside. I also find the lid on this one seals pretty well. I’ve used foam door tape in the past to make sure things are sealed.

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