CAO Evil Snowman

CAO released two special blends for the holidays: the Angry Santa and Evil Snowman. They produced 1500 14ct boxes of each blend and have made them available only to Brick and Mortar stores across the country. They big at 6.5×52 and, while CAO suggests they’re based of the La Traviata line, they’re certainly nothing of the same. Here’s some notes I took on the Evil Snowman

evil snowman

The Snowman looking a lil sinister. (sorry for the crappy iphone pic)

The CAO Evil Snowman is the maduro wrapped blend. It’s still a different blend than the Angry Santa. Fires up with wood and spice notes. Bittersweet chocolate undertones. Fuller body and flavors than the Angry Santa. Becomes a very smooth. The Evil Snowman is much easier to smoke than the Angry Santa. There isn’t a whole lot of change through the cigar, which contrasts its brethren, but that’s also why I like this cigar so much more.

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Isaac Miller is a stay at home dad, kayak fisherman and a cigar fiend.