Can’t Leave Well-Enough Alone

CAO released at the beginning of the summer the Sinister Sam. Only 2000 boxes of 14 cigars were produced and sold through B&M stores through the country. The Sinister Sam followed suit of the Angry Santa and Evil Snowman releases from last winter. This time, the CAO America was deconstructed, packed with a little bit more Ligero leaf, and put back together. This time CAO took the barberpole wrappers of Connecticut Broadleaf & Connecticut Shade and wrapped the middle portion of the cigar in the maduro, and left the first third and head in the natural shade leaf.

CAO Sinister Sam

CAO Sinister Sam, with the gigantic band removed – if you look close, you can see the burn is off.

It’s a big menacing cigar too, just like the Evil Snowman and Angry Santa. If you sit down with one, expect to give it about 2 hours to enjoy. If you can. The problem I had with the Sinister Sam is that it was tough to smoke. The draw was tough. Actually, that’s almost an understatement. I got a headache from tying to smoke this cigar because I had to suck so hard to try and get anything out of it. The burn was also a constant struggle. Not even the transition from natural to maduro wrappers could even up the burn line. Because of of these issues, I had a hard time enjoying the cigar and picking up any substantial flavor profiles.

CAO America

CAO America – it’s perfect.

On the otherhand, the CAO America is a great cigar. It draws easily. It burns cleanly. It produces a good amount of smoke and flavors vary through the cigar. It starts off with notes of coffee of nuts, and becomes peppery and leathery as you finish up the cigar. It’s great! I’m not sure how CAO managed to screw up the Sinister Sam so much, but I can tell you that my experience was nothing out of the ordinary. Others have reported the same problems. It’s sad.

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Isaac Miller is a stay at home dad, kayak fisherman and a cigar fiend.